New solutions with renewed offerings for the Cards and Payments Industry

The Cards and Payments industry has been constantly evolving due to the introduction of new digital technologies. In the face of changing regulations, the industry has had to make the best use of these new technologies to provide unique offerings, in order to drive forward.

With a flexible approach that is in line with today’s changing trends and increased customer demand, Infosys’ industry offerings leverage digital technology to provide a superior customer experience. We function across six key focus areas: varied payments methods, digital enablement, big data & analytics, payment security, operational excellence, and technology modernization. These solutions cover the pre-payment, payment, and post-payment areas and are already used by a wide range of our stakeholders.

With data security and privacy an absolute must in this industry, our fraud prevention solutions are constantly being reexamined. Further, the modernizing of payment mechanisms and ATMs, and Switch and Payment Gateway Integration, also underline the areas where we are constantly renewing our service offerings.

Thinking ahead of the competition requires an ear to the ground and a willingness to recognize the new areas to explore. Apple Pay, digital wallet integration, advanced analytics, next-generation customer service, and social listening and collaboration, are all new tools for the future of the industry.

The implementation of new digital technologies can also provide a number of business benefits. In terms of costs, the opening-up of new revenue generation streams coupled with an increase in ROI - specifically for marketing campaigns - can create significant value for businesses. An improvement in customer lifetime value and brand protection are also some aspects to look forward to. Thus, it is imperative that the industry and its players make use of new digital technologies constantly and consistently – both to satisfy discerning customers as well as to ensure industry growth.

New solutions with renewed offerings for the Cards and Payments Industry 
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