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Cards and Payments


Trends in the fuel card industry

The cards and payments industry is fast changing, driven by technological shifts and changing customer behavior / preferences. Innovative FinTech players, flood of mobile phones, demanding millennial...


Encouraging innovation in payments through the PSD2 initiative

Primarily, revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) is aimed at bringing new, online modes of payments initiation under payment regulations. It emphasizes on gaining transparency across products and services offered by payment service providers (PSPs) and the charges they levy on their customers...


Immediate payments: Beginning of a new journey

With initiatives for immediate payments gaining pace worldwide, banks have been focusing on building and implementing immediate payment solutions to comply with the regulatory requirements of regions...


Customer loyalty quotient strategy: Key to an emotional connect with customers

A loyal customer is the brand ambassador for the organization. This perspective introduces a loyalty metric, which can help an organization achieve its key goals – the customer loyalty quotient (CLQ). Further, this...


Processing investments in associates using Oracle E-Business Suite

International Accounting Standard (IAS) 28 makes it necessary for organizations to follow the equity accounting method for investments in associates. This paper explains how Oracle E-Business Suite enables organization to gain required compliance.


Pioneering Payments — Renew the core, build the new

Payments is a difficult industry to innovate considering it needs scale in a fragmented market. Nevertheless, Digital Technologies are helping banks innovate with new products and services.


Rewards Solution

The Infosys loyalty rewards solution is a home-grown solution addressing all areas of customer brand loyalty and advocacy based on studies and findings from across multiple industries. This platform provides the unique value proposition of jumpstarting loyalty programs of any level of maturity and spread.


Key Trends in the Money Transfer Industry for 2016

The year 2016 promises to be exciting for the money transfer industry, with the possibility of new opportunities in terms of newer ways to reach the customer, and newer markets to cater to. This would translate to the emergence of new business models and business alliances.


Digital bank and the blue ocean opportunity for distributed ledger technologies

Thanks to disruptive progress in the Internet and mobile technologies, global commerce has now moved into a real time era. Unfortunately, transaction banking has failed to keep up – as most of the payment process still follow ancient technologies. Novel technologies must be acknowledged and key players must adopt and make them mainstream. This white paper will explore some potential areas that will witness implementation of pioneering new technologies.


Personalized smart video: Guiding your customer’s journey

Managing customer relationships is a paramount need of the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry. Instead of mass marketing, customers have begun to expect personalized communication, i.e. messages tailored to specific needs. Accordingly, companies intend to provide distinctive experiences for their customers. They have not only confined themselves to providing important information, but also emphasize the relevance of when and how it is delivered. A personalized smart video can help companies meet multiple goals with a single solution. Visuals / Videos are effective and engaging alternatives to verbose text for key communications.


Disruptive Forces in Digital Payments

While payments providers have taken cognizance of this paradigm shift in business, most are undecided on their strategy. The task of reinventing and repositioning legacy payments systems might seem daunting, but it is not impossible. The chances of emerging on top of this challenge would be determined by an ability to understand the digital revolution and to effectively adapt in time to gain competitive advantage. Payments players need to develop and execute a strategic roadmap to best position themselves for success.


SWIFT adoption challenges

In more than 10 years in the industry, SWIFT has been able to manage only 900+ corporate customers to register for its offerings. Would you like to know why corporates are wary of SWIFT? How can SWIFT expand its reach in the market and what’s in store for technology service providers?


Omni-channel approach – The secret ingredient of the marketing mix

With growing competition in the marketplace, organizations are looking for ways to increase customer-stickiness. Learn how marketers can use existing technology such as analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) systems in a synchronous and seamless way to maximize sales.


Segmentation, targeting, and positioning – Cornerstones of a successful loyalty program

Learn about the winning combination of segmentation, targeting, and positioning in light of today’s challenging business environment. Also, gain insights on creating a successful customer loyalty program based on this model to ensure sustained loyalty in the present commercial space.


Goodbye to plastic? The changing face of the cards and payments industry

With the advent of new technologies, consumers are becoming reluctant to burden their wallets with any more plastic and are now eyeing new alternatives. New digital age technologies and security measures are pushing the industry to go beyond cashless and contactless transactions and is all set to go cardless.


Focus on value added services by network companies – a paradigm shift

Network association is the most critical player in the payment card industry. Considering the changes in the payment eco-system, network providers have now realised that value-added services should be the focus area.


How business activity monitoring can improve agility and effectiveness of next-generation payments business

Businesses that will succeed in the future will be agile and will have near-real-time learning capabilities. Business activity monitoring (BAM) is the secret sauce in this journey and organizations have already started investing in this capability.


Social-Analytics-Cloud-Mobile model for merchant service providers to enhance in-store customer experience

The lack of efficiency and loss of reputation has ramifications far beyond the retail outlet in today’s connected world. This paper discusses the implementation of the social-analytics-cloud-mobile model by merchant service providers (MSP) to improve customer experience during an in-store purchase.


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