Success Stories


  • Balaji Devarasetty

    Infosys and Vantiv collaborate for implementation of Oracle and Skava

    Client: Vantiv
    Industry: Cards and Payments

    "In just 8 weeks, Skava and Vantiv worked collaboratively to launch the newly improved Vantiv Advantage program app. We extended and simplified the digital engagement experience so Vantiv’s partners can sell and grow their business faster. Rather than converting an existing partner portal into the mobile app, the Skava team took a step further and re-authored the entire application in SkavaSTUDIO, which allowed the Vantiv team to take full ownership and control of the app to publish updates and changes. The Skava team did a great job to get us to the launch... Stay tuned for mobile transformation at Vantiv. "

    Balaji Devarasetty
    CTO Integrated Payments, Vantiv LLC

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  • James M Blickendorf

    Infosys and Vantiv collaborate for implementation of ORMB

    Client: Vantiv
    Industry: Cards and Payments

    "With Infosys, we found a trusted advisor partnership – a great ability to work with us not just in technology, but also to truly partner with the business-side leadership in understanding the challenges and then developing creative solutions. So it’s been a great combination of taking an application from Oracle, but then customizing it through configuration of algorithms and other complex logic to turn around the billing product as well as now the residuals capability."

    James M Blickendorf
    Senior Leader IT, Vantiv

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  • Client Testimonial - Michael McCullough

    Infosys helped MoneyGram in ERP implementation & explore new avenues

    Client: MoneyGram
    Industry: Communication Services

    "Infosys is a trusted partner with MoneyGram. We don’t only use them for development services but they also help us with coming up with new ideas, the right way to do things, helping us choose the right technologies to use; so they have really been a trusted partner with us."

    - Michael McCullough, Vice President, MoneyGram International

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  • Client Testimonial - Sriram Jagannathan

    Airtel executives discuss how 'airtel money', powered by Infosys WalletEdge, pushes the limits of financial inclusion in India

    Client: Airtel
    Industry: Communication Services

    "The scale of Airtel partnered with the domain expertise of Infosys in the banking space is bringing (consumers) the convenience of using mobile payments in a safe and secure manner."

    - Sriram Jagannathan, CEO, airtel M Commerce Services Limited

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