Navigate your Next in CPG


Your Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) enterprise should make sense of data from ‘connected’ assets, inventory, demand patterns, and customer transactions to sustain growth and profitability. In addition, you should implement technologies to support warehousing, logistics and distribution of goods anywhere, anytime.

The Infosys CPG practice harnesses data analytics to help you navigate sales and distribution channels, and distill business insights. Our solutions enable you to reach out to customers directly, modernize existing business models, and create new revenue streams.

We reenergize core CPG processes with Infosys Nia, our Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered automation platform. We combine AI tools with augmented reality and machine learning to transform shopping – from product discovery to order fulfillment. Our cognitive computing algorithms consume diverse types of product and customer data to recommend actions across the value chain: product development, packaging, promotion planning, pricing, and inventory management.

Our ‘Agile digital at scale’ program incorporates new and emerging technologies for an advanced CPG ecosystem. Our digital marketing platforms maximize returns through non-intrusive, highly contextual promotions. In addition, our analytical solutions accurately forecast product and store level demand, which prevents lost sales as well as excess inventory.

Our knowledge management ecosystem enables us to navigate your business challenges and develop customized solutions. We help you manage customer expectations with tools for visual search and virtual experiences, and techniques to accelerate development of bespoke products.