Infosys Helping AMP Services to Migrate into SharePoint environment

AMP is the leading independent wealth management company in Australia and New Zealand.

In this video, Sharmini Sivathas, IT Director, Service Management, AMP Services discusses how Infosys helped her company migrate from a legacy Lotus Notes set-up to a SharePoint environment.

Infosys was chosen for this critical engagement owing to a good understanding of AMP’s business, a proven track record for delivery and a mature capability in SharePoint.

Sharmini highlights the highly collaborative and disciplined approach of Infosys, methodology, and flexibility as the key reasons for delivering a successful outcome.

Raising the bar on productivity

In this video, Craig Ryman, IT Director, AMPCI, discusses how Infosys enabled AMP Services to improve the interoperability of their end-user computing, productivity and collaboration tools.

The integration has helped AMP Services move away from a legacy platform to a more functionally rich Microsoft stack, helping the company to move to a digital future.

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