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Infosys Joins ABA & BAI Leading Professional Organizations in Banking

Infosys is a member of the American Bankers Association (ABA) and the Bank Administration Institute (BAI), leading professional organizations in banking and financial services.

Our membership will help us better understand and serve the business needs of banks and financial services firms. In addition, it will enable our experts to effectively reach out to the community through events, seminars and conferences. It will also help them further develop their competencies through executive education programs and certifications.

Events and conferences

Infosys will attend and sponsor industry-leading events, conferences, seminars, and webinars with ABA and BAI. Attendees can have one-on-one discussions with our experts at these events and gain more from their expertise on the drivers, trends, challenges and issues faced by the industry.

Infosys will also showcase alternative approaches to business problems and learning from ground-breaking transformational work done for global companies. We have helped companies serve their business needs better, leading to accelerated growth and innovation.

Research and Publications

We will share our expertise through cutting-edge research and thought leadership to help banks and financial services firms address business challenges and mitigate risks.

Learning and Collaboration

Our experts will also be a part of member groups. We will collaborate and share views on hot-button issues and suggest solutions.

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