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Mobility & its Hockey Stick Effect on Digital Customer Onboarding

The reality is that the customer onboarding procedure of today is a manual process lacking coherence in most financial institutions. Complexity is high; there are multiple overlapping processes with no "single view" of the customer. There is a way to overcome this customer onboarding challenge: mobility.

Financial services experts Ashok Gopinath and Navdeep Gill consider mobility as a fast emerging and cost-effective option that can help your financial institution drive improvements to its customer onboarding organization, so both your customer and your business can benefit.

In a feature that appeared in the March 2013 issue of Global Finance magazine (a publication especially for corporate leaders, bankers and investors), our experts discuss the advantages of leveraging mobile channels, which include:

  • Reduced onboarding lead time through streamlined processes and improved customer involvement
  • Improved customer delight and experience through real-time ID verification and approval
  • Increased accessibility to a larger customer pool and ensuring 24/7 availability of services, irrespective of location or time
  • Enhanced customer data accuracy and lower back office costs by involving the customer in the financial institution's value chain

Published with permission of Global Finance magazine

Author Profiles

Ashok Gopinath Ashok Gopinath, Industry Principal – Products, Platforms and Solutions (PPS) unit, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Ashok Gopinath has over 20 years of IT experience in financial services and holds several patents to his name. He specializes in process efficiency and operational convergence in wealth management and financial inclusivity.

Navdeep Gill Navdeep Gill, Senior Consultant – Products, Platforms and Solutions (PPS) unit, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Navdeep Gill has nearly six years of global experience in the financial services industry and the capital markets domain in Europe and India. Her areas of specialty include risk and compliance, customer onboarding and portfolio management.

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