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Reimagining Banking Industry through Automation in Technology

Mohit Joshi, President and Global Head of Financial Services, Infosys, discusses the various technology trends that will have an impact on the future of the banking industry.

The dependence on technology is increasing exponentially in the banking industry. Since the last global financial crisis, banks have experienced a downward turn in revenues that could impact their stability in the future. To maximize value in these circumstances, banks have been driving operational efficiency by investing heavily in technologies that can help them optimize and automate branch infrastructure, contact centers, and other operations.

Investments in technology in the financial services sector will continue to grow as banks realize the benefits. For customers, banking is about having the right technology platform, basic physical infrastructure, and operations staff.

Mohit’s article was published in the October 2016 issue of ISG’s report titled, “Perspectives from the Pioneers.” Get insights from other industry leaders as well.

Published with permission from ISG.

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