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Basel III compliance and IT system solutions

A major effort has been undertaken to strengthen the financial sector and make banks and other financial institutions more resilient in the face of unprecedented pressure. Regulatory requirements included in the proposals for the Basel III regulatory standard have been introduced to help facilitate this change.

Much is still being debated in the industry. For the moment, regulators are traversing uncharted ground; the industry itself is coming to grips with problems in assessing potential outcomes of the new regulations. Considering all these uncertainties with regard to the Basel III regulatory standard, it is critical that your organization remains up to date and adequately flexible to address challenges.

How to Adapt to the New Basel III Compliance Landscape

Financial industry players will likely incur higher regulatory compliance costs as they try to decipher and implement a multitude of Basel III rules issued by regulatory bodies. The Basel III regulatory standard will affect all areas of your financial institution, and will require a holistic approach to your data, technology, and operations management.

Read the Infosys view point on Basel III regulatory standard for insights on:

  • Impact of the Basel III compliance framework
  • Basel III goals
  • Implications of management of data, technology and operations
  • What you should do if you are already a Basel II compliant organization
  • Technology solutions and business process recommendations for Basel III


Amit Patni, Principal, Risk and Compliance Practice, Infosys Amit Patni, Principal, Risk and Compliance Practice, Infosys

Amit has 12 years of experience in implementing large-scale projects in risk management and Basel initiatives for various banking and capital market participants. He can be reached at

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