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Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Infosys' Anti-Money Laundering (AML) methodology helps financial services firms adopt a strategic approach to their AML compliance programs and harness synergies with other compliance initiatives wherever possible. Our AML ecosystem draws on the expertise of industry leaders, offering you best-of-breed AML capabilities. Our alliances with Actimize and ILOG enable us to:

  • Create a pool of global experts in best-of-breed behavior detection solutions
  • Partner with product companies in systems integration as well as product development
  • Provide clients with experts who can undertake end-to-end implementation as well as support ongoing activities and enhancements

Our three-step approach addresses the pain points of organizations that have implemented tactical solutions.

Anti-Money Laundering Consulting Services

Infosys Advantage

Our Anti-Money Laundering Solution goes beyond reactive compliance with AML regulations, toward a proactive and efficient AML program to achieve business results. The solution offers:

  • Single customer view
  • Automated processes to manage risk and increase efficiency
  • Single compliance procedure across global organizations
  • Free flow of information across your business
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