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Data Masking Solutions (iDMS)

Infosys Data Masking Solution (iDMS) enables organizations to comply with regulations, prevent data theft and enhance data privacy. Our solution provides security and complies with the Data Security Act and legal clauses signed by customers. IDMS is easy to use and maintain, and can be configured to meet your specific business requirements.

Threats of data privacyScrubbing data using multiple algorithmsEnsures data security and prevents unsolicited access
Maintaining referential integrityScrubbing preserves referential integrityApplications can still use the scrubbed data
Data usability concernsScrubbing while maintaining the data usability levels ensures that the data is as good as the original production dataTesting/outsourcing the scrubbed data is possible

iDMS enhances data privacy while preventing data theft. It converts customer data by encrypting it and delivers original production data that can be shared with partners.

iDMS is nimble, flexible and customizable. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even by non-IT users, reducing the dependence on IT staff.

The solution facilitates outsourcing while conforming to the Data Privacy Act and other legal clauses signed with your clients.

Success Story

A US-based global financial services firm partnered with Infosys to implement a robust, customized Data Masking solution. After implementing the Infosys Data Masking Solution, the firm can securely reproduce most production and performance issues in a development environment.

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