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Financial Data Quality Management Solutions

Infosys' Financial Data Quality Management (DQM) solution helps you consolidate and streamline data. Specifically, the solution ensures that your data is:

  • Available when required - The right person will have access to data when needed and the data will be ready for use by the authorized person
  • Reliable - Data generated by your systems is trusted by stakeholders such as clients, regulatory authorities and employees
  • Correct - Data adheres to all business rules
  • Monitored actively on an ongoing basis to maintain its quality

Many banks and securities view Financial Data Quality Management as a precursor to larger strategic initiatives such as Business Intelligence/ CRM and improved compliance.


Our solution addresses your challenge of enterprise data quality in a phased manner. Data is staged in the DQM data store and sifted through by a business rules engine. A dashboard and reporting module provides users with a snapshot of the data quality within the enterprise. Through a robust workflow engine-based process, the DQM dashboard provides complete control of DQM processes to the DQM steward and other DQM entities within the enterprise. Depending on the rules and the complexity of data, exceptions can be automatically handled or notifications can be sent to the stakeholders. Clean data is then sent to downstream systems, as illustrated in the diagram:

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