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Enterprise Payment Solutions

The payments business has evolved with changing customer needs, commoditization and convergence of payment services. Companies face competition from banks and non-banks offering innovative payments services such as mobile payments, contactless cards, expedited payments and least cost routing. In addition, the emergence of new payment standards and regulatory requirements such as ISO 20022, SEPA and IAT is altering the payments landscape.

Financial institutions need to reduce the unit cost of payments processing and offer value-added services to enhance revenues. They must consolidate the payments infrastructure and operations across payment types, geographies and channels to improve operational efficiencies.

Infosys' Enterprise Payments framework helps financial institutions consolidate enterprise payment services and infrastructure. Our Service-Oriented Architecture-based framework defines the strategy and road map for an integrated payments landscape, re-engineers payments processes and identifies opportunities for cost optimization.

Our enterprise payment solution enables financial institutions to realize several benefits:

  • Low technology maintenance and operating expenses
  • Enhanced efficiencies and faster time-to-market for new payments services
  • Innovative value-added services and new revenue sources
  • End-to-end service from electronic invoice upload and matching with payment approval and release
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