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Linux Migration Solution

Infosys’ Linux Migration solution is an integrated, end-to-end offering that covers capacity planning, effort estimation, actual migration, system testing and system administration. It includes proprietary tools and scripts to improve the efficiency and productivity of the end-to-end migration process. Our solution helps you develop a clear migration strategy and roadmap to enable safe and smooth transition to Linux.

Irrespective of the maturity of your Linux adoption program, our solution allows you to:

  • Experiment with Linux-based web servers, file and print servers before taking a decision to migrate
  • Pilot for migrating non-critical computation-intensive applications to Linux and run them in parallel to assess performance
  • Test before moving the migrated applications to production
  • Consolidate your servers and migrate critical computation-intensive applications in a planned manner
  • Continually adopt Linux and migrate your applications

A critical element of the migration process is to identify the optimal starting point. While it’s essential to retain functionality and business logic, it’s equally important to ensure continuity of operations and customer service and mitigate operational risk. It requires a thorough understanding of various business processes, technologies, application portfolios and potential choke points in migration. We recommend enterprises adopt Linux in five phases to balance risk, cost and time, and as well as increase the odds of success

Linux Migration Solution
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