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Financial Risk Management Program

Flat World companies establish risk processes and systems for a rapid and effective response. Their risk models ensure better predictability, sustainability and robustness in extreme scenarios.

Infosys' Financial Risk Management program enables integrated risk views and risk consolidation programs to implement new generation models, liquidity risk modeling and advanced scenario analysis. It increases periodic review of models by focusing on back/stress testing and enables fine-grained analysis of and real-time access to data.

Our financial risk management program reduces regulatory capital requirements by adopting Advance IRB approaches with internal models for PD, LGD and EAD. In addition, it enhances operational risk management for back-end processes relating to collections and recoveries.

Regulatory risk programs such as Basel II are complex, time-consuming and involve multiple work streams
  • Avoid complexity by leveraging Infosys' end-to-end Basel II experience of partnering with global banks
  • Reduce cost and time through Infosys' solutions and frameworks to accelerate implementation of risk programs
  • Achieve superior operational efficiency through effective governance, data and system management models
Implement regulatory risk programs within time and budget
Achieving enterprise risk management goals of an enterprise risk view or managing a centralized risk program requires consolidation at multiple levels
  • Create an integrated counterparty exposure view with Infosys' Master Data Counterparty solution
  • Provide end-to-end integration using Advanced IRB approaches with Infosys' pre-defined components
  • Reduce operational risk in managing bankruptcies management using Infosys' Collection and Recoveries frameworks
Accelerate enterprise-wide Risk Management
The failure of traditional models makes it imperative for better real-time risk analytics
  • Provide Risk Model Validation and Testing services through Infosys' Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services
  • Assist in technologies with greater computing power for advanced simulations such as Grid Computing
  • Provide enhanced reporting services with investigative reporting features
Enhance Risk Analytics and Model Validation
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