Infosys & GemStone Partners to Offer High Performance Computing Solutions

Next-Generation Data Management Solutions from Infosys & GemStone GemStone and Infosys have successfully developed a joint product solution that will help clients in high performance computing applications that need real-time access to distributed network of heterogeneous data sources.

The Infosys and GemStone strategic partnership

GemStone and Infosys provide leading next-generation data management solutions for enterprises requiring extreme levels of throughput, ultra-low latency, high scalability and the highest levels of resiliency and availability. Infosys and GemStone solutions provide operational data management infrastructure for today’s distributed and event-driven high performance computing applications that require access to real-time data. At the Infosys Product Competency Center (PCC), joint solutions and value-added services are in constant development and are integrated as single products, to provide clients with next-generation data management solutions that provide low-latency and near-zero downtime along with horizontal and global scalability.

About GemStone

GemStone Systems is the leading enterprise software company exclusively focused on in-memory data management and distribution. With patented technology, GemStone customers gain ultra fast and reliable access to operational data while dramatically enhancing data scalability and resiliency. GemStone’s products are used by over 200 Global customers in mission-critical environments in enterprise-wide deployments in industries such as financial services, the Federal Government, transportation, telecommunications and energy. GemStone Systems has built deep expertise in enterprise-level technologies such as distributed resource management, in-memory caching and disk persistence, scalable data distribution, high performance computing operations, object management and other areas that are at the core of building a highly reliable, mission-critical data infrastructure. For more information, please email InfosysPartnership@GemStone.com


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