The Infosys Logistics practice offers risk management solutions to mitigate risks, while ensuring business continuity. We distil experiential knowledge to address risks across transportation and logistics processes, business applications, and embedded software. Our digital solutions help shipping lines, terminal operators, rail / road carriers, and transportation service providers take data-based decisions to manage risks, be it investment in capacity, selecting the location for a warehouse, automation to improve operations, or wireless connectivity to ensure safety.

Our digital tools enrich data, while our analytical models eliminate human bias in decision making. We combine data analytics and visualization to help logistics enterprises better understand the business context and apply data to prevent failures, service disruptions, and revenue loss.

Our access management and cybersecurity solutions are designed for secure data sharing. We implement smart contract management solutions that establish ownership, track cargo movement across the supply chain, provide an audit trail, and address risks due to damage and theft.

Infosys leverages artificial intelligence-powered analytics to build responsive logistics enterprises. Our approach rationalizes insurance premium while ensuring adequate risk cover. Predictive insights help enterprises reallocate resources and devise strategies in the event of a disruption, thereby reducing damage, loss and claims.


Challenges & Solutions

Data solutions capitalize on big data for predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, and ensure compliance with data protection standards.

Consultants focus on functionality as well as transparency of logistics networks to identify risks early and accelerate response.

Supply chain risk management solutions address requirements across product categories, including automobiles, industrial equipment, oil and gas, consumer goods, perishables, and postal / courier packages.