A diversified media and entertainment company operating in more than 50 countries with popular music artists and record labels faced challenges in royalty processing across systems.

Infosys implemented a global platform to consolidate finance, revenue, and royalty processing, and monetize the artists catalog.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of standardization: Legacy processes and systems were equipped for processing master data, but lacked uniform project ID formats
  • Complexity: Multiple revenue, finance, and royalty processing systems increased complexity with different processing methods within each system
  • Disparate: Multiple inbound / outbound data mechanisms used diverse extract, transform, load (ETL) interfaces

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The Solution

Integrated platform consolidates revenue and royalty management

Infosys implemented a global platform to consolidate disparate legacy revenue, finance, and royalty systems.

Our team deployed Vistex for global revenue processing and artist / copyright royalty processing, and SAP S/4HANA as the global financial system.

We also built interfaces for SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) and SAP S/4HANA systems for all payments and finance transactions, and master data interfaces and new royalty interfaces across systems.

Infosys developed extract, transform, load (ETL) interfaces between SAP ECC and S/4HANA to streamline payment and financial transaction details.

We replaced the sales processing system with Vistex, and enabled master data transmission through ETL interfaces.

Platform monetizes artists catalog by streamlining revenue and royalty management

  • Single platform replaces multiple revenue systems
  • SAP S/4HANA system replaces multiple finance systems such as SAP ECC and GFS
  • Platform replaces multiple royalty systems


Optimal network and infrastructure throughput without hardware changes

Project identifiers

Global project identifiers replaced US and rest-of-the-world project identifiers

Better control over content recording, storage, and retrieval

Revenue management

Consolidated platform replaced disparate revenue and royalty systems

Scalable solution supporting simultaneous recording

SAP platform

SAP S/4HANA replaced multiple finance processing systems