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Data Management: Key to excellence

The Oil and Gas industry is known for its complexity and the vast scale of business operations. With advancement in technology, the focus is now on data collection, to acting on this information, and using it to achieve more business value. In a technology driven world, it is highly critical to obtain real-time data across all upstream and downstream operations on a unified platform, monitor all assets’ information, avoid adversity, and thus increase productivity.


Published with the permission of Offshore World

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Sandeep Roy

Sandeep Roy, Senior Principal, Infosys

Sandeep has over sixteen years of professional and consulting experience. His primary focus is in digital transformation with additional expertise in enterprise mobility, cloud adoption, content management, business process management, and IT strategy. He has worked extensively in the energy industry, helping clients adopt digital technologies around mobility and cloud, to support their enterprise collaboration journeys.

He can be reached at Sandeep_Roy@infosys.com

Vasudha Prabhala

Vasudha Prabhala, Principal, Infosys

Vasudha is a digital transformation and business analytics professional, helping clients worldwide to digitally transform their business functions and improve analytical capabilities. She has over 12 years of experience in consulting and industry, and is an expert in business process management and program management.

She can be reached at Vasudha_Prabhala@infosys.com

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