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How imperative is pipeline integrity management?

If not managed well, oil and gas companies can face a slew of challenges in dealing with huge pipeline network, aging infrastructure, and timely maintenance. It is imperative to have a robust pipeline integrity management system to address these challenges. They need better integration between the integrity management system, inspection systems, SCADA system, and work and asset management systems to ensure limited latency in data capture. This increases their focus on data analysis and helps them take quick decisions to mitigate risks.

Published with the permission of Pipeline & Gas Journal

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G.V. Ganesh

G.V. Ganesh, Industry Principal, Infosys

G.V. Ganesh heads the energy products and solutions team. He is responsible for various offerings addressing data management and integrity challenges for upstream and midstream operators. He has led the business consulting practice in supply chain, sourcing and procurement, and has spearheaded multiple client engagements.

He can be reached at Gavarapet_Ganesh@infosys.com

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