Industry Offerings

Metals & Mining Industry IT Solutions

Metals and mining companies need to address challenges such as market-driven product pricing, lack of quality mineral deposits, absence of skilled workforce, diminishing margins, shortage of power and raw materials, and escalating energy, transportation, labor and equipment costs. Apart from these, companies also need to overcome new-era challenges such as global warming, carbon trading, and anti-pollution legislations.

How Infosys delivers business value

Infosys implements solutions to address the specific challenges of the metals and mining industry by helping to improve performance, comply with industry regulations, adhere strictly to environmental and safety norms, and take advantage of better asset utilization, and improved production schedules.

We help you achieve increased margins through better understanding of customer needs, minimized production variations, reduced operational costs, and improved product quality.

Control costs and increase flexibility: Infosys delivers ERP/BI implementation, integration and upgrades, accounting and HR, BPO-IT Infrastructure, accelerated outsourcing/process transformations, sourcing/procurement, IT operations and customer information systems, and risk management/compliance services, including traceability, and reporting to improve product quality.

Optimize and regularize supply chain services: Infosys provides supply chain planning and execution services, spanning management of suppliers and distributors, and facilitates optimum use of available capacities by providing standardized business processes.

R&D services to create new products and grow new markets: We provide assistance in R&D and help you create new product lines that cater to emerging market needs.


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