Renewing and reinventing the Resources industry

The Resources industry – whether agriculture, metals and mining, pulp and paper products, or chemicals – is by definition restricted by the resources available globally. Even as the hunt for new resource bases and emerging markets intensifies, there is immense value waiting to be extracted within the industry. To realize this value – while grappling with cyclical and fluctuating commodity prices, consolidation, restructuring, environmental concerns, and changing laws – your information technology needs to deliver predictable outcomes.

On the road to renewing and reinventing the Resources industry, you will encounter several challenges and opportunities:

New business dynamics – Amid mounting competitive pressures and slowing revenues, the quest for new products and markets frequently leads to mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions (MD&A). The success of such activities requires the seamless integration of systems and processes, horizontally as well as vertically.

Environmental awareness – As end consumers become more environmentally aware, sustainable products are not merely a business imperative but can also give you a significant competitive edge.

Cost control – It is important to get a handle on costs and deliver profitable returns despite wild fluctuations in energy and input prices. Closely examining costs for emerging markets and turning fixed costs into operating costs can give you better visibility, control on cost variability, and more scalability.

Capital allocation – There is an increasing scrutiny of capital allocation by stakeholders and regulators. A disciplined approach can help you go beyond compliance to maximize return on capital and resources.

New value – Prioritizing R&D investments to create enhanced products and services can deliver value beyond your traditional business. Greater focus on streamlining process and systemic efficiencies can also yield rich dividends.

The bottom line for any initiative, however, is the business value it delivers.

Some of the measurable outcomes our clients have recorded include around 1 percent top-line growth for a global science company and nearly 25 percent IT operations cost reduction for a top mining company.

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