Enterprises and consumers expect network services to be delivered quickly and seamlessly like compute and cloud-based service delivery by web providers. These are enabled by cloud native deployments and API driven ‘as a Service’ delivery of network services. Enterprises and network service providers such as Cloud service providers (CSP’s) and wholesale providers are enabling network cloud with new consumption models.

The key drivers for network cloud are:

  • Services requiring distributed deployment of network workload including 5G, ORAN, FMC enablement for high throughput, resiliency, optimized footprint
  • Device edge and Infrastructure edge accelerated by 5G and IoT for low latency and autonomous operations
  • Emerging Market demand for disaggregated network cloud hosting application workloads with traffic breakouts

The network cloud is enabled by offerings of network services hosted on-premise or on public cloud for capabilities such as 5G, SDWAN connectivity, business CPE, edge computing integrating partner solutions and API enabled self-service.

Our network engineering capabilities offer cloud solutions that support high bandwidth, low latency and reliable wireless connectivity


Infosys has multiple offerings enabling network cloud services and managed as-a-service offerings:

These service offerings in combination with our wireless and SDN domain expertise ensure telecom players and large enterprises get high bandwidth, low latency, and reliable wireless connectivity.

Infosys also enables OEMs, CSPs and MSP partners deliver network cloud services with engineering of network cloud platforms, development and integration of open platforms based on ONF, O-RAN, TIP, orchestrations.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Multiaccess Edge Computing

  • Openness & Flexibility - to support an evolving solution with multiple partners
  • Dynamic Control and Operations through Programmable Interfaces
  • Scalability- across diverse edge types including 4G/5G Access catering to the needs of both network and business applications
  • Accelerated MEC roll out facilitated by Infosys IPs and automations

Infosys Private network for enterprises including private 5G

  • Carrier grade solution from partners
  • Light weight Cloud hosted Management layer act as single pane of glass visualization layer for Assurance, Management and Orchestration
  • Enterprise self-service models and network visibility
  • Plug and play model accommodating leading market radio solutions

  • Virtualized NF solution development with alignment to open networking and hardening of plug & play open source-based platforms.
  • Network systems delivery to enable open API and orchestration, automation of network cloud services and consumption
  • Nextgen OSS micro-services-based solutions that enables AI/ML based intelligence, and policy-based orchestration in real-time
  • Accelerated SDN and 5G adoption using Infosys IPs and automations for VNF onboarding, 5G slice management and Virtual network platform