Infosys Virtual Network Platform is an integrated solution that comes with a variety of tools, automation and templates for complete lifecycle management of Virtual Network Functions and Container Network Functions. The platform enables the telecom service providers and enterprises to accelerate the dis-aggregation and virtualization of network functions leveraging cloud-native open-source components.

Achieve acceleration of NFVi platform setup by leveraging multiple open source software


Cloud Native Platform

Kubernetes and ISTIO based platform supporting service-mesh, Integrated CI/CO pipeline, server less Paas

Auto Scale

Auto Scaling and Self-Healing

Self healable & highly scalable Vertical-horizontal: applications, VNF & Container


Hardware Acceleration

Support for DPDK, SRIOV and native data plane n/w segregation



Application, container, POD isolation Tenant segregation


Service Mesh

Traffic Routing, Security, Fault Management, Load Balancing, Routing Policy



KPI Monitoring, CPU, Memory, Storage, Traffic statistics, Events, Alarm monitoring, logging & tracing

Improved zero-day provisioning


automates the deployment, management, scaling, networking, and availability of container applications


Seamless Integration

REST API and Connectors for External application integration

Key capabilities, accelerators and benefits offered by Infosys Virtual Network Infrastructure platform include:

Robust container platform well suited for SDN/NFV and 5G applications

The solution is a multi-tenant platform that enables rapid deployment of container and VM workloads with auto scaling, traffic management, telemetry, Image registry and application life-cycle management. The platform is deployable on premise or on cloud.

Streaming Telemetry - Monitor everything over single pane of glass

The platform discovers and gathers key metrics across infra and application layers to generate detailed dashboards with actionable alerts and notifications.

Common Platform catering to container and VM workloads

The platform supports Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) - which are typically VMs, and Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs) as containers over common infrastructure, and unifies deployment, upgrade and monitoring models.

Integrated CI/CD tools chain

The platform comes with readily integrated CI/CD tools chain and integration enablers including Jenkins, git, Nexus, JIRA and Confluence to automate DevOps workflows.


Challenges & Solutions

The platform supports both VM and Container workloads, and provides unified interface to deploy, manage, monitor, auto-scale and automated recovery of applications.

The Platform provides seamless visibility of various health metrics and generates alerts for Operations support team. Telemetry and log data can be streamed to centralized monitoring systems via built in connectors.

The platform supports multi-tenant model to share the platform across users, groups. It provides standards based API for application deployments using k8s specs, helm charts and web UI.

Integrated cloud native platform supports application development, image management and deployment workflows with built in CI/CD pipelines making it easy for dev and support teams.