Thought leadership

Re-imagining Care-as-a-Service

The healthcare sector has been in existence for many decades. This sector has been fragmented and slow to adapt to the new technology trends. This whitepaper illustrates how preventive care can be provided as a service on a cloud-based platform.


How to develop your organizations' Digital Quotient'

The beauty and challenge of formulating a digital strategy is that it is all pervasive and impacts every strata of organization - Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, Operations. If embraced by all departments, an organization can reap the benefits of social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT based services that can help create a differentiating value proposition for its internal and external stakeholders.

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New age digital and social media

There has been cultural shift in the way we live, learn, work and play. Organizations and individuals alike are looking for ‘engagement’ and social media seems to be best bet to accomplish this.

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The Internet of Things and Salesforce.com

The challenge and opportunity for Customers and Systems Integrators will be to make sense of all the data being gathered by the machine to machine mesh and leveraging technology to create a secure and integrated environment. While creating the next level of customer service gets even more challenging with the connected devices revolution, opportunity lies in identifying and investing in suitable tools and processes that will support proactive listening as these devices start conversing.

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Unleash hyper productivity with Salesforce1

The newest cloud trends are not going to be a single, isolated cloud phenomenon; instead they clearly are going to be an integrated ecosystem of emerging trends such as collaborative fabric, real-time data analytics on wide open external information highways, and cloud-connected mobile devices that are changing the way enterprise knowledge workers deal with the information in day-to day-to-day work life.