Case Studies

Leveraging the mobile channel for re-engineering of Airport Automation Application at a US airline

The client

A U.S.-based airline company in order to reduce their delay in delivery of booked cargo to the aircraft partnered with Infosys to re-engineer the existing load planning device application to a .Net Enterprise Mobile Application.

The PDA application is linked with enhanced back-end systems through multiple connectivity options. The application expedites the process of cargo loading, reduces load closeout delays and saves fuel costs.

Business need

Load planning was being done manually on paper by crew chiefs. The information was then entered, verified and finalized at the server. If there was no timely dissemination of data, the aircraft could not take off resulting in a Code-22 delay. In addition, the existing load planning device had stability and user-interface issues.

Our role

Infosys re-engineered the Mobile Device Application in Microsoft .NET technology with improved stability and user-friendly Graphical User Interface in the PDA. The application displayed the graphical representation of different compartment configurations for different flight types. We used third-party Mobicontrol tool for remote installation and patch updating.

Our application is SOA-based and ensures well-defined entry points for further enhancements. It has a middle-tier architecture employing best-of-breed web services.

The application is illustrated in the following diagram:


Our application realized several benefits:

Infosys - Mobile Channel for Re-engineering Airport Automation Application at U.S Airline
  • Reduced maintenance, production support and operating costs
  • Expedited the process of loading cargo and baggage
  • A cost-effective solution using the Global Delivery Model
  • Saved fuel costs by reducing Code-22 delays
  • Increased accuracy in load planning by providing a user interface
  • Cellular technology within the device provides a long-term radio replacement
  • Application is based on a distributed model that provides flexibility for future upgradation
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