Case Studies

Design of interiors for business jets

The client

The client is a business jet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the US.

Business need

The client required a design of interior monuments with the objective of maximum reusability, low turn around time (TAT) and stress substantiation of aircraft interiors.

Common interior monuments designed based on customer requirements include divan, storage cabinets, closet, credenza, Passenger Service Unit (PSU), and Return Air Duct (RAD).


  • Every interior design package is unique in nature with aesthetic, stress and manufacturing requirements. Clear-cut understanding on mounting/ installation details, adjacent environment and its intended use were crucial
  • Substantiation of aircraft interiors is critical as it needs to be compliant with FAR regulations
  • Developing critical load data, analysis methodologies for all individual interior parts as per the FAR requirements

Our solution

  • Provided innovative solutions to meet specific requirements with maximum reusability
  • Designed concepts for a wide range of interiors such as PSU and RAD, closets, divan, storage cabinets, and credenza
  • Developed standard methodologies that analyze individual components in aircraft interiors


  • Existing PSU and RAD design were modified to suit new requirements, instead of the traditional method of utilizing the design template, resulting in better turnaround time
  • Developed a master document with Margin Of Safety (MOS) calculations for all components used in the aircraft plumbing systems, which save over 70% efforts in future plumbing systems substantiation
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