Case Studies

Developing an instant messaging and presence service

The Client

The client is a leading player in the high-growth mobile space and is a leading independent producer of mobile messaging software with operations across Europe and Asia.

Business need

The client engaged Infosys to design and deliver an Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMPS) to showcase the product at an upcoming industry forum.

Infosys solution

Infosys created a solution that conformed to all key open standards so that the IMPS client was compatible with multiple vendors, used minimal RAM to enhance product efficiency, and had built-in localization support. Apart from the end-to-end design and implementation for this product, Infosys also partnered with the client in drawing up a roadmap for its future products and provided product support


  • The product was designed and built in a record time of six months
  • The Infosys team made a significant contribution to the client's efforts to market the product to its end-customers
  • The robustness of the product ensured minimal costs for sustenance and upgrade
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