Case Studies

Internationalization of network management product for a leading ISV in the US


A leading U.S. based Management software vendor and ISV provider, with Forbes Global 2000 companies as its clients. The company has been ranked among top 50 Greenest U.S. companies.

Business context

The US based, leading ISV provider wanted to make a foray into international market for its key Network Management product. The product, earlier mostly confined to the US market required to be internationalized to handle multiple languages (in Unicode). Infosys was engaged by the client to increase target market and product adoption across the world.

This initiative primarily required internationalization (i18n) of the product and then localization (L10N) as per target market.

Infosys solution

Infosys designed and implemented a comprehensive solution to meet the client's requirements. Key program aspects included:

  • Augmenting product knowledge of team using proven knowledge management practices
  • Interacting with third party (native speakers) vendors for language translation and localization of QA activities
  • Engaging stakeholders’ vis-à-vis Translation team, Localization QA team, Functional QA team and DTP team and containing the schedule and work in considerably conservative development time
  • Implementing Gap Analysis in the early phase of the project, and help uncover unknowns early on resulting in better design decisions and providing strong control over estimations

Key technical aspects:

  • Challenges in handling the complex I18N scenarios
  • Complexities in product interaction with 3rd party products, not supporting Unicode characters
  • Wide range of technologies such as C, C++, Java, CORBA, varying databases, Install Anywhere, custom installer etc
  • UTF-8 support in CORBA layer with minimal code changes and impact on architecture
  • Multi-platform support on Windows, UNIX platforms
  • Challenges in internationalizing all product versions, including merging of internationalized code to other non-internationalized code branches

Business value provided

  • Increased target market substantially for the product
  • Increased product adoption by providing user with local Interface to the product
  • Better ROI with an incremental revenue channel coming from global clients
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