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Adient’s journey of Industry 4.0 adoption

Industry 4.0 is a combined, integrated, and seamlessly connected network of machines, production processes, and manufacturing systems. It is a digital manufacturing enterprise with the physical product at the core, driven by information from an integrated information network among the internal stakeholders as well as external entities such as customers, suppliers, etc.

The digitization of physical assets and manufacturing activities, along with a network of digital communications, will fundamentally change the manufacturing industry landscape. End-to-end digitization will improve process efficiency, quality management, and productivity, along with real-time insights into the whole manufacturing landscape. This will, in turn, build a digital business model that supports data-driven decision-making, and integrated platform-based services.

Although many enterprises are aware of the benefits and potential of Industry 4.0, the challenge is “how to begin?” The start is all the more difficult for a large global organization. The journey needs to be planned, partners need to be selected, solutions need to be carefully implemented, and the initial success needs to be amplified to get to the desired state. The role of the service provider is very important in identifying opportunities, implementing solutions, and managing change. As Adient’s Industry 4.0 journey shows, it can be done with the help of strategic partners like Infosys.

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