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Increase Return on Cloud Investments with a Performance Dashboard

Cloud service providers must have a holistic view of the virtualized environment as well as individual applications hosted on the cloud to plan infrastructure and ensure prompt service.

Infosys’ expert discusses the components and metrics of a performance monitoring solution across virtualization platforms:

  • Infrastructure response time: The time taken to execute transactions and the success rate of transactions
  • Application response time: The time taken by an application to respond to users’ requests
  • Resource utilization: The number of virtual machines used by an application, the time taken to transfer an application from one machine to another, and the time taken to allocate additional resources to a virtual machine
  • Cloud usage: Infrastructure usage per application, peak usage, and use of specific resources and data centers


Vineetha V., Technology Architect, Engineering Services, Infosys Vineetha V., Technology Architect, Engineering Services, Infosys

Vineetha has rich experience in network service assurance, virtualization, high performance computing, and cloud security. She can be reached at

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