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OSIsoft PI System Solutions & Services

PI System can be defined as the infrastructure required to connect sensor-based data, operations, and people to enable real-time intelligence. It allows business to capture and leverage sensor-based data across the enterprise to improve efficiency, sustainability, quality, and safety. That is the essence  and power of PI System’s operational intelligence.

PI System covers the following:

  • Capture – Collect, connect, and centralize
  • Search and analyze
  • Visualize
  • Share – Collaborate across enterprise

Our expertise is focused across all areas of PI system:

  • Data acquisition
  • Visualization
  • Integration

We have associates with rich experience in the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) packages across data acquisition, visualization, and  integration. Our service consultants carry extensive experience in multitude of domains including oil and gas, mining, utilities, and food and beverage.

Service offerings

We have a dedicated team to focus on PI System services to achieve customer’s critical business functionalities. Our service spectrum covers the complete lifecycle of PI systems: PI system strategy, implementation support, data gathering, analysis and migration, visualization, and integration service.

Consulting services

  • PI System strategy
  • PI product evaluation, recommendation, and selection
  • Paperless solution strategy

Implementation services

Allied services

  • Integration with external systems (ERP, MES, etc.)
  • Data migration
  • Product upgrade
  • Productivity and performance improvement solutions
  • Project management

The services offered by Infosys spread across all the levels. The image below represents the same:

PI System Solution & Services

Infosys value

  • Derive efficiency and operational cost optimization
  • Automation of health checkups and application monitoring tool
  • Global workforce having extensive work experience with Fortune 500 companies
  • Access to cross industry PI System best practices (PI COE)
  • Alignment with future strategies and policies
  • An integrated technology service provider with end-to-end capability
  • Complete ownership based on key performance indicator (KPI) driven performance metrics
  • Highly skilled resources


Infosys has alliance with OSIsoft. As a partner, we will be leveraging industry experience, product experience, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) skills to deliver high-value solutions to clients. In view of above, we formed a PI COE group with most of its team members OSIsoft accredited.

Case studies

For a global mining major, Infosys offered consulting on PI System architecture and usability:

As part of this engagement, we carried out a study of PI System for integrated operations for mines and port systems. We did a complete analysis of present PI landscape, carried out an as-built review of PI system, keeping in view the current and the anticipate use. The objective was also to understand pain points, identify gaps, and form recommendations.

For a power generation major, Infosys implemented Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) monitoring system:
As part of this engagement, we carried out implementation of HRSG monitoring system using PI Coresight2016. Using this tool, the operators were able to glance at the thermal behavior of this system and identify  issues on time ensuring high performance and saving money.

For a global mining major, Infosys provided a round the clock support for PI Management Systems:

We worked closely with the mining major to help drive standardization of PI system platforms, improve synergies across locations, and business of client. This client has business spread across different geographic regions. Through this engagement, it supported business critical applications, and its interfaces.

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