Service Offerings

Digital Media

Infosys works with several companies in the hi-tech, OEM and communication service provider (CSP) segments of the media market, providing technology services around content creation, content management and content playout for both products and services.

Infosys digital media services for service providers include technology consulting, architecture, and deployment services, which help them roll out new video and cross-platform application services. Infosys also provides services that enable introduction of new products like:

  • Set-top boxes
  • Gateways
  • Over-the-top (OTT) devices
  • Home security panels
  • Specialized devices like multimedia communication adaptors

Our long-standing relationship with other players in the ecosystem - like silicon vendors, ISVs, OEMs, and ODMs - enables us to architect and deliver completely integrated systems, with a significantly crunched turnaround time.

We offer system integration services and custom solutions that help clients successfully manage video quality for networking infrastructure monitoring, deploy new content-based services, and unlock new revenue streams like advertising. The relationship we have forged with infrastructure vendors enables us to make the right choices for our clients and, furthermore, ensures that the components of the solution interoperate seamlessly.

Our experts bring to their client environment significant expertise in transcoding, and management of content, thus enabling content consumption in a multi-channel environment. Leveraging deep domain and technology expertise, we can build a solution from the ground up or use third-party components in building it.

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