Service Offering


Automotive infotainment offerings go through complex and rapidly evolving ecosystems, which include head unit hardware vendors, telematics platform vendors, content providers, and communications and service providers, including call centers. Infosys combines its automotive experience with underlying domain experience in high-tech, electronics, and telecom to:

  • Develop embedded applications: Development of turnkey applications on various platforms, including QNX, Android, Windows CE, and Infosys Flypp “white-label” AppStore and configure as needed for automotive OEMs, consumers, dealerships, and service providers such as insurance carriers.
  • Integrate, validate, and verify: Integration across hardware, BSP, middleware, and apps, coupled with a complete suite for connectivity, interoperability, and network testing for end-to-end validation and verification. Our automation tools, frameworks, and production support increase productivity.
  • Ensure device connectivity: Device to head-unit connectivity tools and accelerators or Infosys mConnect middleware to enable smartphone-rendering functions such as tethering, remote skin, and remote terminal.
  • Provide cloud connectivity: Cloud to head-unit connectivity enabled with content / media aggregation apps, cloud-based deployment and testing, and support for Microsoft Azure, Apple iCloud, Amazon EC2, RIM platforms.
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