Service Offerings

Software development services

To cut product development time and provide enhanced value, Infosys follows a ‘software development factory approach’ across the life cycle with:

  • Frameworks to simplify product architecture components that reduce development and sustenance cost, simplify use cases and reduce support calls
  • Test automation tools to speed up cycle time and reduce engineering efforts
  • Integration of engineering tools into workflow management to improve defect tracking and cut wastages
  • Virtualization tools to cut underutilization of lab resources significantly, while reducing overhead costs
  • Readily available resources for quick ramp-up to ensure productivity
ConceptualizationDevelopmentCertification and adapter "factory"Professional servicesSustenance
Idea generationRequirement gathering and analysisMulti-platform / OS product certificationProduct customization, configuration and installationProduct ownership
Market researchHigh level and detailed designStandards-based
Program management – lead provider and lead systems integration Value engineering and cost optimization
User surveyCoding and build managementMulti-vendor- based environment certificationProduct transfer Product support and critical defect fixing
PoV / PoCTesting and test managementMultiple device support verificationCustomer relationship management
Bug fixing and maintenanceConnector Factory Model (for connector development)Product retirement
Release management
Product transformation and re-engineering



  • Business case creation and gap analysis
  • Solution consulting and design
  • Product management
  • Product strategy definition and product road map
  • Product transformation strategy
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Customer needs management
  • Project and portfolio management


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