Service Offerings

Product Globalization

Today, 60 percent product revenues come from non-English markets. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are typically not familiar with the various local languages which is vital to create new versions of products quickly. Some products may require certification to meet regulations or to support new platforms; inability to do so may lead to potential loss of revenue. Added to these challenges, most ISVs lack resources to deploy solutions around their products as a one stop shop for their customers. As an answer to these challenges we offer:

  • Cost Enhancement: We enhance product features, functions, and user interface to meet customer needs as well as reduce or meet target total cost for specific markets
  • Internationalization/ Localization: We offer in-house capabilities for over 30 languages, including Asian languages and tools to accelerate development of local variants of products. We provide automation tools to reduce engineering effort and help in certification of products to meet various regulations, certifications (specialized certifications such as 508c Accessibility, FIPS 140-2) and specialized requirements
  • Professional Services: We extend capabilities in systems integration and product transfer to deploy and support clients’ products to customers
Product Globalization
Engineering/ re-engineering of current products into global scenario
QA – i18n and l10n
Experience based globalization assessment framework
Technology independent solution accelerators
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