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Renewing processes and creating new value for the Utilities industry

The Utilities industry needs to address key business imperatives. These include: distributed power generation, an aging infrastructure, regulatory frameworks, and demanding consumers.

The Infosys Utilities practice improves the performance of water, gas, and power utilities by renewing processes and incorporating new methodologies to enable your business to grow.

Renew the ecosystem

  • Knowledge management system – Processes that capture experiential learning help build a knowledge enterprise. Talent development programs motivate employees through continuous learning.
  • Data and network security – An advanced IT security infrastructure with access control and robust authentication mechanism safeguards data and ensures privacy. A cybersecurity framework prevents attacks and misuse of data, and ensures business continuity in the event of a security breach.
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) – AMI investments transcend automated reading. Meter Data Management (MDM) products can be integrated with energy management applications and outage management systems to manage demand. Power quality monitoring systems minimize disturbance, while Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE) engines improve system load calculation and settlement.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) – Real-time GIS tools enable your production group to manage the generation network and transmission grid, the retail division to improve asset distribution and monetize customer data, and the crisis management team to manage contingencies.

Adopt new systems

  • Customer self-service – Online customer service improves the quality of service, while minimizing costs, including contact center operations. An account management solution empowers consumers to manage demand. Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can engage digital consumers through social media.
  • Predictive analytics – Next-generation analytics frameworks help your utilities enterprise improve grid operations and distribution. Accurate analysis of real-time data from intelligent monitoring devices supports risk management. Predictive maintenance enhances asset utilization and ensures regulatory compliance such as Distribution Integrity Management Program.
  • Customer analytics – Your enterprise can predict demand by monitoring consumption and interpreting usage patterns. It helps enhance production and distribution.
  • Mobile applications – Mobility solutions enhance consumer care and billing services. It helps you share real-time usage and outage alerts with consumers. A field force equipped with mobile devices and applications is more productive.

Learn how our offerings can help your Utilities industry

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