Openreach and Infosys win the 'Digital Transformation Project of the Year' award at the GSA UK Awards London, 2017


Openreach and Infosys were awarded for the outstanding commitment and contribution to the sourcing world for the FY 16-17. BT partnered with Infosys to transform a desk-based business function and incorporate automation by deploying, the winning project. The platform solution has been estimated to save £1.2 million, spread over a period of three years. Openreach wanted to implement a platform to solve the challenges of prioritizing and allocating work based on the nature of tasks, availability of skill sets, and location of problem resolution. Some of the features of the solution are:

  • Infosys solution accepts work requests from multiple channels and prioritizes work for controllers.
  • A prioritization engine prioritizes work items based on business logic, while the allocation engine allocates work items to controllers depending on the most suitable skills and proximity of the location to the controllers.
  • The automated mechanism enhances the productivity of desk-based controllers via system automation and streamlines operations by eliminating human intervention in prioritization of work.
  • has a three-tier architecture: a presentation layer with an intuitive user interface, a functional layer that interfaces with external systems and implements the business logic, and a database layer involving system data storage accessed by the application and users.

The GSA UK judging committee evaluated each finalist based on the five key parameters of strategy, partnership approach, best practice and governance, benefits, and innovation. Under the strategy bucket; Openreach and Infosys automated the functioning of desk-based teams, streamlined business workflows, and added the self-serve functionalities to enhance field-desk collaboration and increase self-serve functionalities — resulting in better performance of the field service representatives. Under the partnership approach bucket, the degree of collaboration and the workflow methodology (Agile) earned great scoring marks for Openreach and Infosys. Talking of best practices, Openreach and Infosys focused on automation to ensure seamless field operations and optimal utilization of the workforce at all times. We are always at the forefront of innovation, and this project was no different. With the single platform, — replacing multiple systems such as CSS, Orbit, and Taskforce for prioritizing, allocating, and executing work items — the evaluation under the innovation parameter took at the GSA UK Awards 2017.

Here are some of the glimpses of the event:

Openreach and Infosys win the 'Digital Transformation Project of the Year' award at the GSA UK Awards London, 2017