Renew and create value for the Communication Services industry

The Communication Services industry needs to transcend connectivity to offer diverse services.

The Infosys Communication Services practice helps voice and data communication enterprises and network operators become multi-service providers. We renew operations with infrastructure to open new revenue streams.

Renew the business

  • Customer engagement: Millennial consumers seek a broad spectrum of digital services. Internet of Things (IoT) applications provide business insights into the behavior of digital consumers. Actionable intelligence helps you deliver an immersive customer experience.
  • Process automation: Automated workflows improve the reliability of operations while minimizing costs. It facilitates single-click provisioning and activation as well as a smooth migration to cloud-based business and operational support systems for service fulfillment, assurance and billing.
  • Supply chain operations: The field infrastructure drives quality of service and continuous performance improvement. Analytical tools improve the accuracy of capacity, labor and financial planning. Modeling helps identify and mitigate sourcing risks when demand is unpredictable.

Reposition the brand with new systems

  • Cross-industry offerings: The convergence of media, healthcare, banking, and energy management provides made-to-order services for digital consumers. Telecoms need to combine application and content services with connectivity to prevent revenue leakage.
  • Network technologies: Advanced network technologies, such as Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), dynamically modify speed and bandwidth to enhance performance. Network intelligence helps enterprises provide customized service for diverse customer segments.
  • Product and service improvement: Communication services providers need to enhance the digital experiences of consumers by realizing the potential of social, mobile and cloud technologies. Customer analytics offers inputs to refine marketing messages and introduce new business models.
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