Philip Morris International - Creating the Conditions for Satisfied End Users

Philip Morris International (PMI), a renowned tobacco industry leader with a vast workforce of over 71,000 professionals and an extensive global presence spanning 180 countries, is actively engaged in a remarkable shift toward a smoke-free future. As part of this transformative journey, PMI is prioritizing digitalization and has made substantial investments in fortifying its ServiceNow infrastructure. Recognizing the significance of enhancing end-user satisfaction with IT services, PMI partnerered with GuideVision, an Infosys company, renowned for their technical prowess in the ServiceNow platform and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

In tackling the challenges that arose during this pivotal transformation, GuideVision played a vital role in aiding PMI's navigation. Curious to know more about the obstacles encountered and how we facilitated PMI's successful triumph over them?

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