Enhancing experiences through technology

Technology has changed the way CPG firms and retailers conduct business. But it’s only when enterprises positively impact a customer and her / his experience that any technology becomes relevant. In order to ensure long-term success and sustainability, organizations have to focus on delivering new, enhanced experiences for people within and beyond the ecosystem. Identifying opportunities to add new experiences and renew existing ones will enable firms to see the various ecosystem end points and unleash the creativity of the entire enterprise. Focusing on people – customers, consumers, shoppers, employees – can help provide enhanced experiences and understand how best to leverage the technology that’s available to the organization.

In this article, our expert shares insights on delivering better customer experiences by identifying and focusing on five primary areas viz., mobility, customer-centricity, stores, employees and V-SMACiT, that have the potential to unleash the creativity of an organization’s most valuable asset – people.

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Published with the permission of CIOReview