The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry landscape is a sum of several complex and moving parts – a demanding consumer universe driven by digital natives; a heterogeneous distribution system; a fragmented technology and process landscape inherited from legacy technology and mergers and acquisitions; diversity in employee demographics of the talent pool; and competition from disruptive startups. It can motivate CPG enterprises to navigate their evolutionary journey – or risk extinction.

Infosys partners with CPG organizations in their journey to become a Live Enterprise, a sentient and context-aware enterprise with the ability to sense and respond in real time to shifts in business. We adopt the mantra of ‘Micro is the new Mega’ to drive changes at a molecular level across the connected digital enterprise, and deliver tangible outcomes. We augment the core digital capabilities of CPG enterprises by prioritizing three areas: re-imagine processes to drive business agility, re-imagine the network to amplify the ecosystem value, and re-imagine the experience to enhance human centricity.

Re-imagining processes helps the CPG enterprise become Live at Core by harnessing business insights to drive agility across systems, processes, and people. Re-imagining the network helps the business become Live at Scale to expand market reach and customer segments. Re-imagining experience empowers the enterprise to become Live by Design to deliver personalized customer and employee experiences.

CPG companies partner with Infosys to achieve up to 30% savings in digital marketing spends, boost repeat purchase rates by 35%, increase sales by 12% driven by loyalty programs, increase cart-to-order conversion rates by 70%, and hasten time-to-market by 50%.

Accelerate Growth with the Live Enterprise