The supply chain of a consumer packaged goods (CPG) enterprise needs to orchestrate several moving parts: launch new products with robust marketing, advertising campaigns and branding promotions; manage a distribution network, streamline logistics, and balance demand with supply. Supply chain executives should be empowered with business intelligence to make timely and informed decisions supported by an agile supply chain.

Infosys helps CPG enterprises achieve operational excellence with a digital supply chain. We have increased productivity by 80% and delivered savings of US$ 300 million at CPG enterprises.

Our Cognitive Supply Chain solution undertakes real-time planning and visualization into demand, supply, and inventory

Supply Chain for the CPG industry

Accelerate Growth with the Live EnterpriseThrough our Four Cognitive Supply Chain Abilities

Four Steps To Build A Cognitive Supply Chain

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A cognitive supply chain transforms a CPG organization from the inside out. Our experts discuss the foundational steps of architecting a cognitive supply chain to help the Live CPG Enterprise sense and respond to changes in real time

Consumer packaged goods supply chains are being stretched to breaking point in a fast-moving market. Creating a Live Enterprise based on artificial intelligence and automation could be a solution. The key lies in transforming the traditional supply chain to a cognitive one. For CPG supply chains, we see four elements in which cognitive technologies can play a transformational role. These elements work together not just to speed things up and make them cheaper. They also work holistically to boost CPG suppliers’ ability to better serve and collaborate with their retail customers.


Challenges & Solutions

Our Cognitive Supply Chain solution drives customization at scale by helping you undertake real-time planning and visualization into demand, supply, and inventory.

Our cognitive platform is a supply chain control tower offering a consolidated view of key supply chain KPIs that help improve forecasting, planning, and fulfillment.