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Outage Management System to Automate Distribution

Utilities must automate distribution processes and adopt efficient workflow configurations to improve performance and asset life. In an article published at EnergyPulse, Infosys’ expert discusses a business transformation approach to implement smart grids.

Our expert advises utilities to integrate a robust Meter Data Management (MDM) product with -

  • An advanced outage management system to improve reliability
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) programs for contingency management
  • Energy management applications to manage demand
  • Power quality monitoring systems to minimize disturbance
  • Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) engines for system load calculation and settlement
  • Web-based customer management solutions for self-service

Published with permission of EnergyPulse



Biju S. Nair, Lead Consultant, Utilities Smart Grid practice, Infosys LimitedBiju S. Nair, Lead Consultant, Utilities Smart Grid practice, Infosys Limited

Biju has more than 13 years of experience in operation and information technology for power generation and distribution. He has worked with utilities, OEMs and system integrators on SCADA and metering projects across protocols. Biju implements energy management, load shedding and load sharing applications. He can be reached at


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