Case Studies

Workflow & Call Optimization Services

The Client

The client is a leading south-western electric utility company in the US. Energy generation, delivery and customer services are its primary functions.

Business Needs

The utility deployed a GUI based Customer Information System from a third party vendor and then customized the workstation. The generic application was rich in functionality and was used enterprise wide, but it was not particularly conducive to workflow in call centers. The client wanted to improve the productivity of Call Service Representatives (CSR) by improving the design of the application after a usability study. It also wanted to integrate CTI to reduce call time through Screen Pops and develop contact history data.


Some of the key challenges faced during the course of the project were:

  • Front-end was not designed for a care center's high-production environment. Information was not easily accessible and was not intuitive to call flows. Multiple windows based on back-end data structure and business rules were not adequately integrated
  • Stringent SLAs and new area of service
Our Solution

Infosys proposed to re-engineer the front-end of the WS application to create a UI specific to CSR needs for optimal call work-flow. Infosys was initially a facilitator in discovery stage (Phase I) along with Pinnacle and later was selected as the system integrator. The iterative, time-boxed approach adopted by Infosys to address the client requirements were as follows:

  • Analyze As-Is Processes
    1. A core working group was formed consisting of CCC Associates, Business Analysts and IT personnel to go through the current processes and understanding problems
    2. Policy and technical issues were logged
    3. Prepare 'as-is' documentation
  • Define To-Be processes
    1. Came up with the 'to-be' processes
    2. Went through regressive reviews by different business process owning departments as well as Pinnacle West IT
    3. Mapped 'as-is' with 'to-be'
    4. Prepared User Interface Requirement DocumentX
  • Develop prototype
    1. Built a Prototype with the 'to-be' call workflows
    2. Went through regressive reviews by different business process owning departments as well as Pinnacle West IT for every screen
  • Conducted Time & Motion study
  • Strategized To-Be architecture
  • Developed proof-of-concept

The Infosys solution helped in achieving 60-second reduction in AHT and 1.5% reduction in call volume. There was also a four-day reduction in new training and two days for skill enhancement. Some other intangible benefits were:

  • Differentiated service based on customer specific information
  • Elimination of uncomfortable pauses (placing customer on hold)
  • Increase in analytical capabilities (contact history)
  • Support of other CRM efforts
  • Reduction in the need for future CPU capacity
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