Case Studies

Computer Telephone Integration to Improve Customer Service

The Client

The client is one of the major electrical utility companies in the U.S. Its functions include distribution and supply of electricity to a wide range of customers including small domestic customers and medium/ large commercial and industrial users. It also has generating capacity from interests in nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil-fueled power plants.

Business Needs

The client needed to improve the productivity of Call Service Representatives (CSR) by advancing the design of workstation application after usability study. It also wanted to integrate Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) to reduce call time while improving service.


The same application was used for both the back office and call center, which leads to less efficiency during client interactions. The challenge was to reduce the call handling time as well as keep all technologies integrated within the existing mainframe. To do this, appropriate design for CSR navigation had to be decided.

Our Solution

Infosys proposed to the front-end of the WS application be re-engineered to create a User Interface (UI) specific to CSR needs for optimal call work-flow. Infosys was integrally involved throughout the process, initially as a facilitator during discovery stage and later as a system integrator.

Infosys defined the Optimum Screen Navigation to reduce 'Average Call Handle' time and call waiting time. There was a complete reuse of an old backend for new GUI's backend integration. The re-engineering of front-end was minimized through reuse of business model objects.


This solution resulted in:

  • Definition of Optimum Screen Navigation reduced 'Average Call Handle' time and call waiting time
  • Effective reuse of existing backend, integrated with a new re-engineered frontend, resulting in lower implementation and maintenance cost
  • Exceptionally high quality software with no user acceptance defects lead to fast and smooth implementation on schedule
  • Reduced average call handling time in call centers
  • Reduced number of repeat calls
  • Increased customer satisfaction scores
  • Improved customer service representative efficiency and reduced training costs
  • Reduced overall project costs by reusing existing backend and frontend business model objects
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