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Smart Customer Experience for Utilities

Norwegian utility Hafslund ASA utilizes our CRM expertise to enhance customer experience

Getting smart with customer experience

Egil Brækken, CIO, discusses how Infosys is helping Hafslund improve customer management through self-service and streamlining processes, and how Infosys partnered with Hafslund to build Smart Metering platforms for one of the largest projects in Sweden.

A snapshot of the Infosys-Hafslund partnership
Utility companies have a limited scope of directly interacting with their end customers. In this scenario, billing becomes one of the key lines of customer communication. Research has shown that inaccuracy in billing is one of the main reasons of customer complaints and dissatisfaction. Billing errors impact cost-to-serve and also can lead to poor customer experience and relationship.

Infosys has been working with Hafslund, one of the leading utility companies in the Nordics, for a number of years on their CRM initiative. Hafslund has around 550,000 customers.

The latest engagement was to identify the areas where Hafslund could transform their billing, collections and customer service processes. The engagement was to enable Hafslund deliver measurable business value back to the business and significantly improve customer experience.

Our engagement resulted in direct business benefits that will enable Hafslund to realize up to five per cent annual savings on its billing costs. Further, the process modifications will set the stage for Hafslund’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) rollout which will require robust systems and services that can manage and analyze increased data volumes.

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