Case Studies

Smart Connect Customers Self Service

The Client

The client is one of the largest public utility companies in the U.S. Energy delivery and customer services are its key functions. It supplies electricity to over 13 million consumers.

Business Needs

The client wanted to enhance self-service for customers possessing smart connect meter to derive maximum information from the website. It creates awareness among customers regarding usage, consumption and various programs like energy efficiency and demand response. This results in reduced call volumes and improved customer satisfaction with an enhanced web experience. The existing technology needed enhancement in IT operations and maintenance of the system to equip IT infrastructure to leverage this agile technology framework.

Our Solution

Infosys was involved in the User Interface (UI) design to present usage, billing and account information over the web, replacing dependence on call centers. State-of-the-art web technologies were employed to present user information in an innovative graphical manner. The focus was on customer ease, which enabled better website accessibility.


This solution resulted in:

  • Reduction in the cost of business transactions through deflection of traffic to self-service channels
  • Reduction in cost of billing by encouraging customers to choose online billing
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing rich data and customer-focused tools
  • Improve operational efficiency by providing ad-hoc reporting tool to internal users
  • Use enhanced system monitoring and performance tool developed by .NET framework
  • Align client's internet site with their current enterprise technology
  • Improve site usability
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