Case Studies

Integrating Customer Service Operations & Systems

The Client

The client is a Fortune 500 utility company supplying electricity and gas to two million customers in the U.S.

Business Needs

The client sought to integrate customer service operations and systems across four subsidiaries. The utility wanted to achieve operational efficiency by reducing number of call centers from six to two. They wanted to implement a flexible and scalable system to accommodate business changes, and improve customer satisfaction with efficient and enhanced call handling. The business need was to reduce maintenance cost with an integrated system and consistent process.

Our Solution

Infosys implemented SOA-based scalable and reliable architecture providing a workflow-optimized web interface atop a legacy Customer Information System (CIS) on a mainframe. Infosys implemented the solution in the following stages:

  • Business Process Confirmation (BPC): Consolidated business processes of all four utility subsidiaries using Influx
  • Logic Extraction: Extracted the logic of the existing CIS
  • Requirements and Design: Combined requirements developed in the BPC phase with those derived from Logic Extraction to develop a high level design
  • Build and Testing: Built the User Interface (UI), the business layer and host access layer using Microsoft .Net 2.0 and SPEED framework. Infosys also completed the performance testing and application tuning

This solution resulted in:

  • Savings of $10m per year in Operations and Maintenance(O&M) owing to consolidation
  • Improved call taking capacity by 40 times
  • Workload reduction of 100 FTEs
  • Significant cost savings by modernizing existing CIS (as opposed to full replacement) and leveraging Global Delivery Model for implementation
  • Increased operational efficiency through one common set of processes and systems across operating companies, aiding in faster adoption of business changes
  • Increased the ease of scalability with the new system; the client is better equipped for future growth and acquisitions
  • Easily deployable solution that supports internal workstation users as well as external web and IVR users
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