Case Studies

Defining Roadmap with Application Management System

The Client

The client is a large electric utility, with significant generation, transmission and distribution assets in the western part of the U.S.

Business Needs

The client found that growth in demand for its information technology services over the years left it with hundreds of fragmented and non-integrated applications. An ever-increasing operations and maintenance budget failed to create additional value for end-users. The existing technology asset base was not aligned to meet business needs and aging applications with overlapping functionality increased maintenance costs while producing growing support risks.


Without a systematic approach to managing the applications, meeting increased business would become costly for IT. The old process allowed IT to react to business needs such as increasing or enhancing functionality, but was not effective at strategically managing investment applications. The system did not explain the multiple investment options available to meet business needs or anticipate changing technological needs.

Our Solution

Infosys identified opportunities to streamline and create cost savings by classifying applications that could be retired, consolidated or enhanced. Applications were simplified, standardized and/ or further integrated. Infosys established an ongoing process which allowed the client to continue to manage the applications as investments. The single application management system with straight-through processing capabilities enhanced the client's operational efficiency. The client can now manage customer expectations, resources, costs, and risks in a more effective manner. The result is a highly agile organization that can quickly change with the business environment.


This solution resulted in:

  • Reduction in operational and back-office costs
  • Increased agility in responding to new priorities by utilizing a portfolio investment approach to application ownership
  • Increased satisfaction with software performance and technology updates among end-users
  • Incorporation of IT strategy with management business strategy for improved customer satisfaction
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